BRA Day Is Coming Up on October 16, 2013!

What Is BRA Day?

Breast Reconstruction Day, or BRA Day, is an initiative intended to encourage education and awareness about breast reconstruction following mastectomy, a surgical treatment for breast cancer that involves removing a patient’s breast tissue. Breast cancer patients may not know this, but they have a number of breast reconstruction options, many of which New York City plastic surgeon Dr. Joshua Greenwald can customize to accommodate each patient’s type of cancer, unique anatomy and aesthetic desires.

Although it may seem redundant to spread the word about breast reconstruction surgery — many people assume breast cancer patients are automatically given their breast reconstruction options and a referral to a well-qualified reconstruction plastic surgeon at the time of diagnosis — numerous breast cancer patients are never offered any information about breast reconstruction. In fact, two of the principal reasons that breast cancer patients do not undergo breast reconstruction surgery are that they are not aware of their reconstruction options and they have not received any referral information for a reconstructive plastic surgeon.

Why Is Breast Reconstruction So Important?

Breast reconstruction is an integral component of comprehensive breast cancer treatment. Studies have shown that breast cancer patients who undergo breast reconstruction surgery experience improved psychological, social and sexual health afterward. Although some patients may opt to forgo breast reconstruction after mastectomy, the choice to forgo reconstruction should be a personal decision — not the result of a lack of information about the subject.

There Is No “Cancer” in “Team”

An increasing number of cancer treatment centers have been established nationwide, with the aim of providing comprehensive breast cancer treatment to patients. The comprehensive approach to breast cancer treatment is often referred to the “team approach.” This is because the team approach to breast cancer treatment involves the participation of several specialists, possibly including a medical oncologist, surgical oncologist, radiation oncologist, radiologist, geneticist, pathologist, nurse, patient care coordinator and breast reconstruction plastic surgeon, among others. For comprehensive breast cancer treatment to be effective, all participating specialists must meet to discuss all aspects of care, from medical treatment to psychological services, and proceed with a common, clearly defined purpose.

How You Can Help

You can help breast cancer patients everywhere by actively participating in BRA Day and helping to raise awareness about breast reconstruction. This year’s BRA Day is October 16, 2013. Please visit to find a list of local events that you can attend to help educate others about the availability of breast reconstruction as well as why all breast cancer patients deserve the team approach to breast cancer treatment.

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