EMSculpt® Body Slimming in New York City & Westchester County

Manhattan, Harrison, & Carmel, NY

EMSculpt® is the only available procedure that builds muscle and reduces fat in the treated area.

Finally, a non-invasive way to build muscle and reduce fat. EMSCULPT is FDA-approved for the abdominal and gluteal areas.

Get the six pack you have been working for but never obtained – a single application of the EMSculpt is similar to 20,000 crunches in the gym! Great for toning, firming and exposing the muscles of the abdomen.

Increase and elevate your buttocks – a single application is similar to 20,000 squats at the gym! A NON-SURGICAL BUTT LIFT!


EMSculpt on the Abs

EMScuplt on the Buttocks

How Does EMSculpt Work?

EmSculpt Body Slimming in New York City & Westchester County


Before & after Emsculpt patient

Before & after body slimming New York City

Body slimming before & after Westchester County

EMSculpt FAQs

Who is a candidate?

Anyone who is unhappy with their abdomen or buttocks is a candidate. Ideal candidates are at or near their ideal body weight and are looking for that little extra push!

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What is the treatment time?

Initial treatments last 30 minutes and are performed 4 times within a 2 week period. Maintenance treatments if desired are performed at 6-12 months after initial treatments.

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What is recovery like after EMSculpt?

Most patients feel like they had a rigorous workout of the treated area and are able to resume normal activities immediately.

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Does EMSculpt really work?

Numerous published studies have shown EMSculpt increases muscle mass and reduces fat in the treated area! Most patients see results immediately after initial treatment protocol.

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Contact Us

To learn more about EMSculpt or to schedule an EMSculpt consultation, please contact one of our New York offices by calling (914) 421-0113 for Harrison, (914) 421-0113 for Carmel, and (914) 421-0113 for Manhattan.