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Breast augmentation revision New York City & Westchester County

Overview of Revision Breast Augmentation

Joshua Greenwald, MD, FACS, is highly sought after for his expertise in revision breast augmentation surgery. The need for revision breast enhancement surgery can arise for many reasons. Some women who have undergone their initial procedure with someone other than Dr. Greenwald are simply unhappy with their breast augmentation results. Others decide that they would like a different breast implant size or shape. Still others suffer from implant ruptures and other complications such as capsular contracture or implant malposition that often require Dr. Greenwald’s expertise. Others may request a change from saline breast implants to more natural-feeling silicone implants.

Generally, revision breast augmentation is more complicated than the original procedure. This is because there may be less breast and skin tissue available for the revision procedure and because a certain amount of trauma has already been inflicted on the surrounding musculature and/or supporting tissue structures.

As a result, it is extremely important to undergo revision breast augmentation surgery with a highly skilled and experienced breast surgeon, such as Dr. Greenwald. The Connecticut / Westchester County cosmetic surgeon has ample experience with revision procedures and knows how to help patients achieve the aesthetic results they desire (and perhaps did not attain with the first procedure).

It is important to keep in mind that revision of a prior breast augmentation is more complicated than a first-time breast augmentation. Obtaining a perfect result happens infrequently with revision surgery; however, the chance of significant improvement is likely in carefully chosen patients. Techniques used in revision breast augmentation surgery include implant exchange; removal and /or alteration of the existing implant capsule; pocket change; and, occasionally, mastopexy (breast lift). Dr. Greenwald routinely uses a cellular dermal matrix to reinforce weakened, thinned tissues, when needed.

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Reasons Revision Breast Augmentation Is Needed

Typical reasons that women require revision breast augmentation surgery include:

  1. Dissatisfaction with the original size of breast implants (i.e., wanting larger or smaller breast implants)
  2. Dissatisfaction with the results of the initial breast augmentation procedure
  3. Improperly placed or asymmetrical breast implants
  4. Implant rupture, or deflation, due to injury or outside force
  5. Capsular contracture (a sometimes-painful condition in which scar tissue forms around the implant, causing it to feel unnaturally hard and potentially causing it to rupture)
  6. Symmastia (“uni-boob,” or the appearance of breast implants being joined in the middle)
  7. Unsatisfactory implant coverage (e.g., the implant is visible underneath the surface of the skin)
  8. Changes in breast tissue or the appearance of breast implants over time, often due to breastfeeding or the natural aging process

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Who Is an Appropriate Candidate?

Individuals who desire revision breast augmentation surgery should schedule a consultation with Dr. Greenwald, so the board-certified plastic surgeon can evaluate the current condition of their breast implants as well as discuss their aesthetic concerns about the initial procedure and desires for the revision procedure. Only a well-qualified breast surgeon such as Dr. Greenwald can properly make these assessments and determine candidacy for revision breast augmentation.
However, there are certain indicators of an appropriate candidate for revision breast augmentation surgery. Women who qualify for this procedure typically are experiencing at least one of the following:

  1. Unhappiness with the results of the initial breast augmentation procedure
  2. A desire for larger or smaller breast implants
  3. Saline implant deflation
  4. Silicone implant rupture
  5. Capsular contracture
  6. Symmastia
  7. Breast implants that have migrated out of their proper position
  8. Change in breast tissue due to fluctuations in weight, breastfeeding and/or the natural aging process

In addition, appropriate candidates include those who:

  1. Have a positive body image overall but are frustrated with the results of their initial breast augmentation surgery
  2. Are in good general physical and mental health overall
  3. Have realistic expectations for the outcome of revision breast augmentation surgery (i.e., desire aesthetic improvement but not necessarily perfection)
  4. Are pursuing revision breast augmentation of their own accord
  5. Are not nursing (Women who are currently breastfeeding must wait 12 weeks after they have stopped nursing to undergo revision breast surgery, to ensure that the breasts have returned to their normal specifications.)

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What Does Revision Breast Augmentation Cost?

The final cost of revision breast augmentation surgery includes the cosmetic surgeon’s fee, the anesthesiologist’s fee, the operating room cost, the cost of any needed breast implants and the miscellaneous expenses associated with breast enhancement surgery (e.g., the expense of any required lab testing, the surgical bra, pain relievers, etc.).

The total cost of revision breast augmentation differs from patient to patient, depending on individual anatomical requirements and aesthetic objectives, the complexity of the revision procedure, the type of breast implants chosen and if an adjunct procedure, such as breast lift surgery, is performed. Following the consultation appointment during which Dr. Greenwald evaluates the patient’s unique needs, a quote for the cost of revision breast surgery can be established.

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Do breast implants need to be replaced?

Breast implants are made to last forever. There is no expiration date and no need to replace them unless there is a problem (i.e., rupture of the implant). . Typically, as long as you are satisfied with your implants and do not experience any complications such as leaks, ruptures or capsular contractures, there is no need to replace them. However, if you do experience a complication or wish to change your implants for a smaller or larger size, Dr. Greenwald can discuss revision surgery with you.

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How long after breast augmentation can revision surgery be performed?

You must wait to have revision surgery until your body has completely healed from breast augmentation surgery and your implants have settled into their final position. The recovery period varies from patient to patient. Dr. Greenwald recommends waiting at least six months before considering revision surgery. Nevertheless, the doctor will need to meet with you in person in order to accurately assess your implants and determine when it is safe to perform revision surgery.

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What are the side effects and potential risks associated with revision/implant removal surgery?

The potential side effects and risks associated with revision and implant removal are similar to those that come with breast augmentation surgery. Prior to your procedure, Dr. Greenwald will go over the side effects and risks in detail with you.

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How can I tell I need breast revision or implant removal?

You should consider breast revision or having your breast implants removed if you:

  • Are unhappy with the shape or size of your breasts following breast augmentation
  • Are experiencing complications from breast augmentation including asymmetry, wound healing issues, capsular contracture, ruptured breast implants or leakage.

Keep in mind that ruptures and leaks can occur at any time, even years after the initial augmentation procedure. Saline implant ruptures are easy to detect because the breast will deflate almost immediately. Silicone implant ruptures are harder to detect.

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Will revision surgery give me more scars?

In some cases, additional incisions are necessary. Dr. Greenwald uses his expertise and surgical skill to minimize scarring from these incisions. Whenever possible, he will work with existing scars to achieve this goal. Prior to your procedure, the doctor will discuss with you the incision placement so you know what results to expect.

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Will my health insurance pay for my breast revision procedure?

Insurance companies sometimes cover the cost of revision procedures, depending on the reason for the procedure. If the procedure is needed due to problems that affect your health, your insurance may pay all or some of the cost. Speak to your insurance provider today to learn about your benefits. Additionally, Dr. Greenwald offers several financing options to help you pay for your procedure.

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Dr. Greenwald is pleased to offer a second chance at beautiful, natural-looking breast augmentation results to women throughout NYC, Westchester County and Fairfield County, including Greenwich and Stamford, CT. To schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Greenwald, or to learn more about revision breast augmentation, please contact his practice by calling  (914) 421-0113 today.