Nipple Areola Correction

Nipple Areola Correction in New York City & Westchester County

Manhattan, Harrison, & Carmel, NY

Overview of Nipple Areola Correction

Joshua Greenwald, MD, FACS, a leading plastic surgeon in New York and Connecticut, treats many patients who are bothered by the look of their nipples and / or areolas (the darkly pigmented skin surrounding the nipples). Some of the women he treats are frustrated with the look of overly large, severely protruding, asymmetrical or downward-pointing nipples. Others are unhappy with the appearance of extremely large or puffy areolas.

Fortunately, Dr. Greenwald can treat these aesthetic issues with cosmetic surgery of the nipples and/or areolas. He can also perform nipple and areola correction surgery in conjunction with other types of breast surgical procedures, including breast augmentationbreast lift and breast reduction surgery.

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What the Procedure Entails

The details of the procedure vary depending on the aesthetic issues that each patient would like to correct. In general, nipple and / or areola correction surgery is performed under either local or general anesthesia, on an outpatient basis. For more information about the procedure used to correct inverted nipples please visit the Inverted Nipples Correction page.

To correct overly large or protruding nipples, Dr. Greenwald removes the tips of the nipples and closes the area with stitches. To improve the look of nipples that are too wide, he removes a pie-shaped wedge of tissue from underneath the nipple’s surface, “taking in” the nipple to decrease its circumference. To address other aesthetic concerns related to the nipples, Dr. Greenwald may perform breast lift surgery, during which he moves the nipples to a higher, more central position on the breast. To correct the appearance of overly large or puffy areolas, the Westchester County breast surgeon creates an incision either around the perimeter of the areola or at the base of the nipple, and removes a portion of the pigmented skin. With any of these procedures, Dr. Greenwald can sculpt the nipple and / or areola to achieve the patient’s desired size, shape or positioning.

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Who Is an Appropriate Candidate?

Those interested in nipple and / or areola correction surgery should arrange an appointment with a board-certified plastic surgeon such as Dr. Greenwald to find out if they are appropriate candidates. During consultation, the Fairfield / Westchester County cosmetic surgeon assesses the patient’s breasts, overall body type and aesthetic concerns. He then determines whether she is an appropriate candidate and outlines a suitable treatment plan to address her concerns.

In general, appropriate candidates include women who:

  1. Have a good self-image overall but are unhappy with the look of their nipples and / or areolas
  2. Have nipples that fall below the breast fold when the breasts are unsupported
  3. Have downward-pointing nipples
  4. Have enlarged areolas
  5. Are in good general mental and physical health
  6. Have reasonable expectations for what nipple and / or areola correction surgery can accomplish
  7. Comprehend the surgical risks but believe that the advantages offset the potential risks

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What Does It Cost?

The overall cost of nipple and /or areola correction surgery includes the plastic surgeon’s fee, the anesthesiologist’s fee, the cost of the operating room and the assorted costs related to breast surgery (e.g., the expense of any lab testing needed, oral pain medication, a surgical bra if required, etc.).

The overall cost of the surgery varies, depending on the type of surgery required to correct the patient’s aesthetic concerns, as well as if another procedure is being performed at the same time (e.g., breast lift surgery). To obtain a cost estimate of breast surgery, patients should arrange a consultation with Dr. Greenwald, so he can evaluate the patient’s unique anatomy and aesthetic objectives for surgery. He can then provide the patient with a more accurate quote.

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Dr. Greenwald has helped thousands of women in NYC, Westchester County and Fairfield County, including Greenwich and Stamford, CT, feel confident about their breasts. If you would like to learn more information about nipple and/or areola correction surgery, schedule a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Greenwald. Please call (914) 421-0113 today.