Choosing the Right Breast Implants

You have many choices when it comes to breast implants. They come in many shapes, sizes and filler material. It is important to work with your surgeon to determine the best fit for your body, needs and goals. Here is an overview of the different types to choose from.

Filler Material

Breast augmentation patients may choose from saline or silicone-gel filled implants. Saline (saltwater) implants are often compared to water balloons in terms of the way they feel. Silicone implants are firmer and feel more like natural breast tissue. There are pros and cons to both, but one of the most notable differences is that, if they rupture, the saline filler material will simply absorb into the body. It is more difficult to notice if a silicone implant has ruptured because the gel may slowly leak out of it. Women who have silicone implants placed are encouraged to have magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) every couple of years to check for leaks and ruptures.


Choosing the size of your implants is a completely personal decision, and something that many women have already figured out prior to scheduling the surgery. Some women desire very large breast implants, while others want a more subtle enhancement. However, don’t rush the decision, and review all of your options. Experts recommend taking into account your anatomy and lifestyle, along with your personal goals, when contemplating implant size. With the assistance of Dr. Greenwald, “try on” different size implants to determine what size looks best on your frame.

It is also helpful to note that many women who undergo breast augmentation revision surgery do so because they wish they had chosen bigger implants initially. So, it may be best to find your ideal size, and then go a little bit bigger. This could save you from the possibility of having revision surgery later on.


Breast implants come in round or teardrop shapes. Round implants provide similar degrees of projection on the upper and lower parts. The teardrop shape is considered to be more anatomically correct, as the lower part of the implant projects further than the upper part, giving them a sloped contour that is very comparable to natural breast shape. However, teardrop implants have a higher chance of rotating, so they require a textured surface.


Implants can have a textured or smooth surface; textured makes the implants feel more like natural breast tissue. Both saline and silicone gel implants can be textured.

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Dr. Joshua Greenwald is a board-certified plastic surgeon in New York City who studied and trained at prestigious educational institutions including Columbia University, Emory University, and New York University School of Medicine. His keen aesthetic eye and refined surgical techniques have led him to be a top choice for cosmetic face, breast, and body procedures in NYC. His exceptional patient care has earned him the distinction of “Top Doc” by both Westchester Magazine and Castle & Connolly for over 10 years running. Dr. Greenwald is an active member of the American Board of Plastic Surgery, the American Medical Association, and the Westchester County Medical Society.