Dr. Greenwald Selected to Attend Mentor LEAD Surgeon Conference

lead-logoIn July 2012, Dr. Greenwald traveled to Los Angeles to attend the Mentor LEAD surgeon’s conference. Invitations for the conference were sent to only 35 of the nation’s top breast augmentation surgeons. Dr. Greenwald is a member of the Mentor LEAD Program Advisory Board, based on his significant surgical experience with both primary augmentation and revision augmentation, and his impeccable reputation in the field of cosmetic breast surgery.

LEAD is an acronym for Leadership, Experience and Development in Breast Augmentation. The LEAD Council, comprised of board-certified plastic surgeons, meets annually to share their experiences and knowledge with Mentor Worldwide LLC, a prominent manufacturer of breast implants. The meeting’s objective is to attain a better understanding of the needs of breast implant consumers, so Mentor can tailor its product and educational programs accordingly. Dr. Greenwald is pleased with the opportunity to bridge the gap between his breast augmentation New York City patients and the implant manufacturers.

“It was a real honor to be chosen to attend the LEAD conference given the many incredible plastic surgeons across the country,” Dr. Greenwald said. “It was a fascinating meeting and an excellent forum to discuss breast augmentation and revisions of undesirable results following breast implant surgery.”

“Patients of Dr. Greenwald have a choice between saline and silicone breast implants, which he usually places beneath the pectoralis muscle for a softer, less visible implant. Dr. Greenwald also uses surgical techniques designed to reduce post-operative pain. Many of his patients find that they do not need to take pain medication after surgery, and feel good enough to return to their normal everyday routine within one to two days of their procedure. This is a unique benefit and one of the reasons Dr. Greenwald is a leading New York breast augmentation surgeon.

Dr. Joshua Greenwald is a board-certified New York plastic surgeon who offers several types of breast surgery. In addition to breast augmentation, he offers breast reduction, breast lift and breast reconstruction in New York.