Mommy Makeovers: The Safety of Combined Procedures

Most of my female plastic surgery patients have heard about the “Mommy Makeover” procedures.

Mommy Makeover - combined tummy tuck and breast augmentation

Mommy Makeover – combined tummy tuck and breast augmentation

Many patients often question whether it is safer to do the procedures they desire at a single operation or as multiple standalone operations.    Intuitively, patients combining procedures benefit from a single period of convalescence or recovery after a combined procedure (as opposed to multiple recoveries after multiple standalone procedures).  Similarly, some patients may feel that the incidence of minor and major complications is increased when combining procedures.  An increased in the number of major and minor complications after combined procedures has not been demonstrated in numerous studies comparing “standalone” and combined procedures such as the Mommy Makeover.  While the increased affordability of combining your procedures should not guide you to your decision on whether or not to have your Mommy Makeover, it is certainly a financial bonus as is the reduced amount of time you will need to miss work by having a single recovery period.

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