Questions to Ask During a Breast Augmentation Consultation

At the New York area plastic surgery practice of Joshua A. Greenwald, MD, we realize that although the decision to pursue cosmetic breast augmentation surgery is an exciting one, it is only the first step in achieving your ideal breasts. There is a lot of information to sort through, and you may feel overwhelmed. Don’t worry; we can help. Here are some important questions to ask during your breast augmentation consultation.

What Types of Breast Implants Are Available, and What Are the Pros and Cons of Each?

Dr. Greenwald offers the three FDA-approved types of breast implants available in the United States: saline, silicone gel and highly cohesive silicone gel (“gummy bear”) breast implants. During consultation, the Manhattan breast augmentation specialist will discuss the advantages and potential disadvantages associated with each.

What Size of Breast Implants Do You Recommend for My Frame?

The size of breast implants you choose is ultimately a personal decision. However, it is very important that you consider what size the plastic surgeon recommends before making your decision. You want to make sure that your plastic surgeon understands the look you desire but is also realistic about what size will look in proportion with your frame.

Also, it helps to bring in photos of women who have the same body type and breast size/shape you desire. This will help Dr. Greenwald understand the aesthetic you’re looking for and advise you as to whether or not it is realistic. Also, try to refrain from using bra cup size as a reference, because what one considers a C cup or a D cup varies depending on the person and the bra manufacturer.

What Are My Placement and Incision Options?

Dr. Greenwald decides where to place breast implants depending on the needs of the patient. He chooses one of two positions: under the chest muscle or over the chest muscle (and under the natural breast tissue).

Dr. Greenwald uses one of three incision patterns, depending on the patient’s needs: transaxillary (in the armpit), periareolar (around the outer edge of the areola, the darker pigmented skin surrounding the nipples) or inframammary (underneath the natural breast fold).

There are pros and cons of each placement and incision type, and the type of breast implant you choose in part dictates what is suitable for you. During consultation, the NYC plastic surgeon discusses your aesthetic desires and anatomical needs before recommending a placement and incision approach that is right for you.

Are You a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon, Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS)?

It is important that your plastic surgeon is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. This indicates that: he or she has a minimum of five years of surgical training, two of which are dedicated to plastic surgery training; operates in an accredited surgical center; and adheres to strict ethical guidelines.

What Is the Final Cost of the Procedure, and What Does That Cost Entail?

The costs associated with breast augmentation surgery are the surgeon’s fee, the anesthesiologist’s fee, the operating room fee, the cost of the breast implants, and any miscellaneous expenses such as the cost of lab fees, surgical garments, etc. When your plastic surgeon quotes a fee for you, ask what that fee covers.

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Dr. Joshua Greenwald is a board-certified plastic surgeon in New York City who studied and trained at prestigious educational institutions including Columbia University, Emory University, and New York University School of Medicine. His keen aesthetic eye and refined surgical techniques have led him to be a top choice for cosmetic face, breast, and body procedures in NYC. His exceptional patient care has earned him the distinction of “Top Doc” by both Westchester Magazine and Castle & Connolly for over 10 years running. Dr. Greenwald is an active member of the American Board of Plastic Surgery, the American Medical Association, and the Westchester County Medical Society.