What is Nipple Correction Surgery?

Nipples come in all sizes, shapes and colors. Some nipples are inverted, meaning they do not project out from the breast. If you have inverted nipples, you may be interested in pursuing nipple correction surgery.

Nipple correction surgery is a simple procedure that takes as little as 30 minutes to complete. In many cases, the goal of surgery is to sever the milk ducts, which may be tugging the nipple inward and holding it back. Dr. Greenwald makes a small incision at the corner of the nipple to gently sever the fibers and milk ducts holding the nipple in; releasing them allows the nipple to reverse and project away from the breast properly.

Dr. Greenwald may choose to place a bolster inside the breast for several weeks to keep the nipples from retracting. He will close the incisions with a few small sutures, which leave a virtually undetectable scar.

Most women who have nipple correction surgery are concerned about whether they will be able to breastfeed after their procedure. Unfortunately, this is a strong possibility as Dr. Greenwald usually has to sever the milk ducts in the breast. This prevents the milk from making its way to the nipple so the woman can nurse. There are procedures designed to preserve the milk ducts, but these are not recommended for women who have severely inverted nipples.

Women who plan to breastfeed should wait until they are finished nursing to undergo surgery. There is a chance that the nipples will correct themselves on their own during pregnancy, eliminating the need for surgery. If you are considering surgery and also planning to breastfeed in the future, please bring this up to Dr. Greenwald during your surgical consultation.

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