Plastic Surgeon in Rye, New York - Dr. Greenwald Cosmetic Surgery in Rye

Patients seeking exceptional plastic surgery in Rye, New York need not look further than Dr. Joshua Greenwald’s office. Dr. Greenwald is a leading cosmetic surgeon known for his exquisite surgical technique, leading-edge technology and attentive patient care.

Dr. Greenwald believes in listening carefully to each patient and working hand-in-hand to develop a treatment plan that addresses their aesthetic concerns. For a patient who is worried about signs of aging or photodamage cropping up around the face, the treatment plan could include facial plastic surgery or injectables and dermal fillers. For a woman who desires a larger bust, treatment will consist of the placement of breast implants. A patient who has recently lost a lot of weight and has excess saggy skin, a body lift procedure may be most appropriate. Dr. Greenwald is very sensitive to the needs of his Rye cosmetic surgery patients and extremely skilled in determining the best course of action that will produce the optimal outcome.

Advances in modern technology have yielded a group of non-invasive procedures that are very popular among Dr. Greenwald’s Rye plastic surgery patients. These treatment options include Zeltiq CoolSculpting and SmartLipo. The former essentially freezes fat cells before they naturally flush from the body, and the latter melts fat cells before they are suctioned from the body via tiny incisions. Both procedures are great for patients who want results without the invasiveness of surgery or downtime.

Patients desiring traditional cosmetic surgery in Rye can explore options such as breast augmentation, breast lift, abdominoplasty, liposuction, facelift, blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) and rhinoplasty. A personal consultation with Dr. Greenwald is the best way to determine which procedure(s) will meet an individual’s needs.

For patients seeking a more dramatic transformation, Dr. Greenwald may recommend combining procedures, such as abdominoplasty with breast lift, eyelid surgery with liposuction, or breast augmentation with rhinoplasty. A woman concerned with the effects of pregnancy may opt for mommy makeover, which frequently consists of breast augmentation and/or lift to fill out and elevate the breasts, and a tummy tuck to eliminate a protruding or sagging belly.

If you are interested in speaking with plastic surgery Rye provider Joshua Greenwald, please contact our practice today.