Options for Treating Vertical Upper Lip Lines

Over time, exposure to sun, pollutants, smoking or the natural aging process can take a toll on the face, causing wrinkles and a loss of facial volume, among other visible signs of aging. One of the peskier problems that can occur is the appearance of vertical lines above the upper lip, also known as vertical […]

How Long Will My Facelift Last?

Undergoing facelift surgery — or any type of surgery — is a significant undertaking, one that should not be considered lightly. Facelift surgery requires a substantial recovery period and carries with it certain inherent surgical risks. On the other hand, facelift plastic surgery is an effective way to improve the look of wrinkles, loose skin […]

Questions to Ask During a Breast Augmentation Consultation

At the New York area plastic surgery practice of Joshua A. Greenwald, MD, we realize that although the decision to pursue cosmetic breast augmentation surgery is an exciting one, it is only the first step in achieving your ideal breasts. There is a lot of information to sort through, and you may feel overwhelmed. Don’t […]