Areas You Didn’t Realize Liposuction Can Treat

Liposuction Procedure Manhattan, NY

When it comes to targeting unwanted fat deposits on the body, liposuction has remained the most popular cosmetic procedure for decades. Most patients use this surgery to improve contours on their abdomen, hips, thighs and arms, but you may be surprised to learn that liposuction is also effective at toning other regions. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Joshua Greenwald shares some of the other areas he treats with liposuction.


For some, back fat is out of sight and out of mind until they happen to catch a glance of it in a double mirror. For others, putting on a bra and feeling the fat bulge from underneath is a constant reminder of its presence. Fortunately, liposuction is effective at tackling back rolls. However, because this fat is denser and the skin is thicker than on other parts of the body, it is important to choose a quality surgeon like Dr. Greenwald who has experience treating the back specifically.


Liposuction removes fat cells, so it cannot do anything to change the shape of the joint or even a knobby knee on the front. Instead, knee liposuction focuses on unwanted fat accumulation on the backside, also known as the inner knee. This procedure is most often combined with thigh liposuction to achieve more uniformly attractive contours on the top half of the leg.


Not everyone is aware that liposuction is a procedure that can be successfully performed on the face. As you get older, you are likely to notice that facial fat sinks lower on your face, leaving a jowly appearance around your formerly defined jawline. Liposuction is great at addressing submental fat and eliminating the appearance of a double chin. If the fat is thick from the chin to the neck, liposuction can help to restore attractive contours there as well.


This option is most popular with men who want to reduce the size of their “man boobs” and attain a more traditionally masculine physique. However, men with gynecomastia should not mistake liposuction as the best or only way to have male breast reduction. Dr. Greenwald can devise the appropriate surgical plan after examining your body and reviewing your medical history.

Some women also choose liposuction to slightly reduce the size of their breasts. Again, liposuction is not nearly as effective in decreasing size as breast reduction surgery, but its less invasive nature may make it a more appealing option for some patients.


You may find that fat clings to your ankles, creating a thick straight base near the foot rather than a shape that narrows to the shoe. Liposuction can help to reduce stubborn fat deposits in this region to achieve a healthy, natural-looking shape that better shows off the ankles.

Discuss Liposuction with Dr. Greenwald

If you have tried diet and exercise and remain displeased with the results in certain problem areas, then liposuction may be the solution you’ve been searching for. During a consultation, Dr. Greenwald can evaluate whether liposuction will be effective on your desired treatment area, or he may suggest an alternate procedure that is better suited for your unique needs. Please call (914) 421-0113 for his Harrison and Carmel, NY, offices for his Manhattan office.

Dr. Joshua Greenwald is a board-certified plastic surgeon in New York City who studied and trained at prestigious educational institutions including Columbia University, Emory University, and New York University School of Medicine. His keen aesthetic eye and refined surgical techniques have led him to be a top choice for cosmetic face, breast, and body procedures in NYC. His exceptional patient care has earned him the distinction of “Top Doc” by both Westchester Magazine and Castle & Connolly for over 10 years running. Dr. Greenwald is an active member of the American Board of Plastic Surgery, the American Medical Association, and the Westchester County Medical Society.