How Tummy Tuck 360™ Improves Your Whole Midsection

Men and women alike struggle with fat accumulation and loose, stretched skin as they get older, especially after pregnancy or weight loss. Dr. Joshua Greenwald is a board-certified plastic surgeon in Carmel who offers , a specialized procedure that removes stubborn fat and sagging skin from the entire midsection or trunk area, contouring the abdomen, back, […]

What Causes Tubular Breasts and How Breast Surgery Can Improve Your Bust

A woman’s breasts offer a sense of femininity, especially for young women going through puberty. When the breasts don’t develop correctly, it can cause low self-esteem and embarrassment. Tuberous breasts are a breast deformity often occurring during puberty and can be challenging to treat. Dr. Joshua Greenwald is a board-certified plastic surgeon specializing in tubular […]

Why Patients Who Want a Quick Recovery from Breast Augmentation Choose Dr. Greenwald

Hundreds of thousands of women choose breast augmentation every year to achieve their ideal bust size and shape, but the procedure typically involves a lengthy recovery. Quick recovery breast augmentation, or rapid recovery breast augmentation, is gaining popularity for providing natural-looking results while cutting healing time down to as few as 24 hours. Board-certified plastic surgeon […]

Combining Brow Lift with Other Enhancements for Maximum Rejuvenation

Facial aging isn’t limited to lines and wrinkles. Getting older causes several areas of your face to change shape due to lost volume and thinning, sagging tissues. Brow lift is one of several procedures our New York patients look to for a more youthful facial appearance. The procedure elevates the eyebrows, removing fat and excess skin to […]

Planning for a Comfortable BBL Recovery

Brazilian butt lift (BBL) can produce incredible results, but the recovery period can pose some unique challenges. Our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Joshua Greenwald, will walk you through the procedure and recovery steps so you feel prepared for the entire process and achieve the best outcome possible. Planning for BBL recovery and preparing your home is an […]