How to Avoid Plastic Surgery Scars

Plastic Surgeon Manhattan, NY

Because the goal of plastic surgery is to improve one’s appearance, it makes sense that patients are often concerned about post-surgical scarring. Although scars are an inevitable part of any procedure that requires incisions, with time and proper care they can fade significantly enough that they become an afterthought. To help patients look their best, renowned New York plastic surgeon Dr. Joshua Greenwald gives his best tips for avoiding noticeable plastic surgery scars.

Avoid Sun Exposure

When sun rays shine on the skin, it increases melanin production, which darkens the tone of the skin. After plastic surgery, the treated area is sensitive and particularly susceptible to hyperpigmentation. A scar that is exposed to the sun becomes darker and more noticeable. In situations where sun exposure is unavoidable, patients should wear sunscreen and cover up with clothing, hats or sunglasses (depending on the relevant treatment area).

Apply Ointment

Research has found that silicone-based creams and gels (especially those that feature vitamins A and E) are effective at minimizing the appearance of scarring after plastic surgery. Patients who regularly apply a topical gel to the treated area are less likely to be dissatisfied with signs of scarring. Ahead of surgery, Dr. Greenwald recommends to his patients the products that he has seen produce the best results.

Do Not Smoke

Dr. Greenwald encourages prospective patients who are smokers to quit their cigarette or vape habit well in advance of scheduling plastic surgery. That is important because nicotine use limits the supply of oxygen that passes through the blood cells. With less-oxygenated blood, your body has a more difficult time healing and an increased risk for complications. This includes unwanted and unsightly scars.

Choose a Quality Surgeon

Arguably the most important factor in preventing significant scarring is to choose an elite plastic surgeon who has mastered his or her craft. A surgeon with years of experience (and positive reviews to match) understands how to make a gentle incision that not only heals better, but also hides more easily along a natural crease or curve. Part of attaining attractive surgical results is avoiding distracting scars.

Dr. Greenwald strives to produce natural-looking results that heal easily and cleanly. His portfolio reflects his ability to make incisions that largely fade from sight with time. Moreover, he is committed to helping his patients through their recovery so that they are completely satisfied with their results. To arrange a consultation with Dr. Greenwald, please call (914) 421-0113 for his Harrison & Carmel, NY office for his Manhattan office.