Can You Remove Fat Without Surgery?

Non-surgical fat removing with CoolSculpting
Are you bothered by the appearance of fat bulges that don’t seem to go away no matter how much you diet and exercise? Do you wish to slim your physique but are not ready to undergo a surgical procedure like liposuction? If the answer to one or both of these questions is yes, then New York City plastic surgeon Dr. Joshua has good news. CoolSculpting is an innovative cosmetic procedure that uses fat freezing technology to eliminate pockets of fat around the body without surgery, anesthesia, incisions or downtime.

Learn how CoolSculpting removes fat without surgery in this blog post. (more…)

The Benefits of Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery benefits
Eyelid surgery, technically known as blepharoplasty, can have a remarkable impact on the appearance of your face. Smoother skin and increased contours around the eyelids can make you look younger and more refreshed. It’s no wonder that many plastic surgeons consider eyelid surgery to be one of the most impactful facial rejuvenation procedures you can get.

There are numerous benefits of upper and lower eyelid surgery. New York City plastic surgeon Dr. Joshua Greenwald discusses some of these benefits in this blog post. (more…)

Why are Millennials Getting Botox?

Why are Millennials Getting Botox?

Millennials have joined the Baby Boomers and members of Generation X in actively trying to prevent the signs of aging. Older generations have been using Botox and other non-invasive cosmetic treatments for years to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, and now an increasing number of millennials are seeking these treatments as well. (more…)

Get Your Summer Body Now

Get Your Summer Body Now

Instead of waiting until June to make the cosmetic improvements you’ve been thinking about, why not get your summer body now? By scheduling your cosmetic procedures during the winter months, you can give your body plenty of time to recover and be ready to hit the beach or pool when summer rolls around. (more…)

The Most Misunderstood Plastic Surgery Procedures

Misunderstood plastic surgery procedures

It is not uncommon for some patients to seek one plastic surgery procedure, only to find out that they may actually be in need of another. New York cosmetic surgeon Dr. Joshua Greenwald does his utmost to educate his patients on what their procedure of choice can and cannot do. In this blog post, he shares the truth on commonly misunderstood plastic surgery procedures. (more…)

How Often Do Breast Implants Need to be Replaced?


Dr. Joshua Greenwald is a highly respected New York City plastic surgeon who meets with many women interested in enhancing the size and shape of their breasts with breast implants. Naturally, Dr. Greenwald gets many questions about breast implants, including how long they last and how often they should be replaced. In this blog post, the respected plastic surgeon answers these questions in detail. (more…)