Why Quarantine Is the Perfect Time to Get Plastic Surgery

Offices and schools have gone remote, social events are paused and people are spending more time than ever on Zoom meetings and FaceTime calls. If staring at yourself through the unflattering lens of your laptop camera or smartphone has revealed physical characteristics that bother you, you may be thinking about having some cosmetic work done.

As you consider the timing of your treatment, you may realize there has never been a better time at which to undergo a plastic surgery makeover. Quarantine actually creates the ideal conditions to have and recover from surgery. Dr. Joshua Greenwald explains why in this post. (more…)

Benefits of Exparel

Tummy tuck completely transforms the abdomen, taking it from flabby and saggy to flat and firm. But it is no secret that the surgical recovery can be uncomfortable, especially during the first few days. Post-operative pain is one of the most common concerns patients have about surgery, and understandably so.

Recently Dr. Joshua Greenwald started offering a new pain management protocol to help tummy tuck patients recover more comfortably. Exparel® is a local anesthetic that provides long-lasting post-surgical pain control with a single dose.

Read on as Dr. Greenwald discusses the incredible benefits of Exparel. (more…)

How Aging Affects the Neck

If you are concerned about the effects of aging on your appearance, you probably spend a lot of time and effort caring for the space between your chin and forehead. But ask yourself: are you giving your neck the same attention? Many people overlook the neck, neglecting to give it the TLC it needs — until all of a sudden the area becomes a big cosmetic concern.

In this post, Dr. Joshua Greenwald explains the effects of aging on the neck, and discusses treatments to restore a youthful and graceful appearance. (more…)

Liposuction for the Thighs: What to Know

The thighs play an important role in your body’s overall shape. But thighs are notorious for accumulating excess fatty tissue. For many women (and some men), unwanted fat along the inner and outer thighs is easy to gain but nearly impossible to lose through diet and exercise efforts.

Dr. Joshua Greenwald offers thigh liposuction, a safe and effective solution for excess thigh fat. With his finely tuned eye for artistry, balance and proportion, the plastic surgeon can reshape your legs to create a more beautiful contour that complements the rest of your body. Read on for more information about liposuction for the thighs. (more…)

Enhance the Results of Facial Plastic Surgery With Medical-Grade Skin Care

If you are planning to undergo facial plastic surgery with Dr. Joshua Greenwald, you probably want to know what you can do after surgery to help enhance and extend the life of your results. Adhering to healthy lifestyle habits such as eating a balanced diet and using sun protection is a good starting point. Additionally, you will want to use suitable skin care products. Not just any products will do — for the best results, you need medical-grade skin care products. If you are not familiar with medical-grade skin care products, this post is for you. (more…)

The Incredible Benefits of Tummy Tuck

If you have always been self-conscious of your stomach, or you miss the flat, toned stomach you had before children, tummy tuck can help. The procedure can completely make over your midsection, vastly improving the way you look and feel.

You are probably most familiar with the cosmetic benefits of tummy tuck. The procedure creates a slimmer and firmer-looking stomach by removing excess skin and fat, tightening the abdominal muscles and re-draping the skin. Sometimes tummy tuck can even remove stretch marks, depending on whether the marks are located on the skin that is removed during surgery.

But tummy tuck offers more than just aesthetic benefits; the procedure can also improve your personal comfort, health and physical function. Read on as Dr. Joshua Greenwald explains more of the incredible rewards of tummy tuck. (more…)

Are Botox and Fillers Safe During Pregnancy?

Botox and fillers are some of the most frequently requested cosmetic treatments at the practice of Dr. Joshua Greenwald. Because these injectables are commonly used on women of childbearing age, Dr. Greenwald is often asked about the safety of these products during pregnancy.

If you regularly receive Botox and have discovered you are pregnant, it is understandable you want to do everything you can to ensure the safety of your growing baby. Unfortunately, the effects of Botox and fillers during pregnancy are largely unknown. Few studies have investigated the possibility of Botox or fillers harming an unborn baby or passing into breast milk while nursing. Furthermore, it is unlikely there will ever be significant, formal scientific studies to evaluate the effects of injectables on developing babies.

Due to this lack of information, Botox and fillers are not recommended for expecting mothers. Most doctors, including Dr. Greenwald, advise against undergoing these procedures while pregnant. (more…)

How to Schedule a Virtual Consultation With Dr. Greenwald

Virtual consultations are nothing new at the office of Dr. Joshua Greenwald. However, under the circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, more patients are requesting virtual consults as an opportunity to connect with Dr. Greenwald from the comfort and safety of their homes.

If you are interested in a specific plastic surgery procedure or procedures, we invite you to fill out the virtual consult form on our website. There are instructions that explain how to complete the form and upload photographs of yourself. This information will help Dr. Greenwald assess your case and make recommendations for your treatment. You can expect an email with Dr. Greenwald’s suggestions within a few days. (more…)

What to Know About Torn Earlobe Repair

Earlobes are strong and flexible, but they are no match for heavy earrings or the grabby hands of an eager toddler. If your earlobes have torn or stretched out and now draw attention away from the rest of your facial features, Dr. Joshua Greenwald can help. With a simple in-office procedure, Dr. Greenwald can repair your earlobes, making them look good as new. (more…)