Tips for Great Lip Filler Results

Like any cosmetic procedure, lip fillers should be taken seriously. If you don’t put thought into your decision to get fillers, or you don’t do ample research on your treatment options, you could end up unhappy with your results.

Dr. Joshua Greenwald, a plastic surgeon who is known for his natural approach to all cosmetic procedures, shares his best tips for lip filler results here. (more…)

What Happens If You Have Another Child After Mommy Makeover?

In general, Dr. Joshua Greenwald recommends that you defer mommy makeover until you are reasonably sure you are done having children. However, life does not always go according to plan. You may change your mind after your cosmetic surgery and decide you want to grow your family. Or, you may unexpectedly discover you are pregnant.

In either scenario, you probably have questions and some concerns. Here, Dr. Greenwald explains what to know about having another child after mommy makeover. (more…)

Do You Need to Buy Any Special Supplies for Plastic Surgery Recovery?

Preparation is one of the best ways to avoid getting anxious ahead of a surgery. Dr. Joshua Greenwald ensures that all patients who come in for a procedure know exactly what items they should have on hand to make their recovery periods as comfortable as possible. 

Dr. Greenwald provides each of his patients with a thorough list of supplies specific to their medical history and needs. However, what follows is a list of the overlapping essentials that most patients will need to procure: (more…)

Setting the Record Straight on Common CoolSculpting Myths

Dr. Joshua Greenwald and our team are proud to offer CoolSculpting, a non-invasive form of body contouring, and we stand behind our results. We feel it is important to set the record straight on some of the misconceptions about the procedure. Having factual information is crucial if you are on the fence about having CoolSculpting.

Read on as Dr. Greenwald debunks some of the most common CoolSculpting myths. (more…)

Questions To Ask Yourself Before Having Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation can give your breasts a more attractive shape and your self-confidence a boost. If you are considering breast augmentation, it is essential that you are informed about the procedure and you have a clear idea of what you hope to achieve.

Read on as Dr. Joshua Greenwald shares some critical questions to ask yourself before booking your breast augmentation. (more…)

How Facelift Techniques Have Improved Over Time

The pursuit of the fountain of youth is nothing new. For decades, men and women have sought out plastic surgery procedures such as facelift to turn back the clock on facial aging. But what has changed is the way plastic surgeons approach facelift. As their understanding of facial anatomy has increased and their techniques have become more polished, they are able to provide patients with exceptional results.

Read on as Dr. Joshua Greenwald shares how facelift techniques have improved over time. (more…)

4 Procedures To Make Over Your Midsection

The midsection is notoriously difficult to spot-tone. As a plastic surgeon, Dr. Joshua Greenwald has met countless men and women who wish for a flatter stomach and whittled waistline, but cannot achieve their desired results through diet and exercise alone. Here, he discusses four procedures that can make over the midsection for a more flattering silhouette. (more…)

Mistakes To Avoid Making When Selecting a Plastic Surgeon

The process of selecting a plastic surgeon requires time and effort. But with your safety and satisfaction hinging on your choice of surgeon, in the end you will be glad you did not rush your decision. To help guide your search for a qualified surgeon, Dr. Joshua Greenwald describes common mistakes to avoid making during the selection process. (more…)

3 Signs You Could Benefit From Facelift

Facelift surgery is a remarkable procedure that gently turns back the hands of time, firming and smoothing aged skin while creating more youthful facial contours. But how do you know if you are ready to undergo this transformative procedure? Dr. Joshua Greenwald has you covered. Here, the renowned NYC facelift expert reveals three signs that you could benefit from surgery. (more…)