Plastic Surgery Trends – What’s In & What’s Out?


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It’s that time of year – when we trade tank tops and flip flops for chunky sweaters and tall boots…baseball bats for footballs… and long hot days for brisk autumn nights. The change in weather brings a new season of fashion trends – so what about plastic surgery? Recently, The Today Show featured several segments on various plastic surgery topics including a feature of “what’s hot” and “what’s not” in the aesthetic enhancements.

What’s In?
The Today Show revealed today’s hottest trends in plastic surgery:

• Breasts which are smaller in size and more natural looking
• Lips that appear full but not “fish like”
• Faces that have volume and not pulled too tight
• Full and higher buttocks

“I have noticed a change with my breast augmentation patients in particular” says Dr. Greenwald, “they are less concerned with the specific size of the implants placing greater emphasis on the overall shape and natural look.”

Geographical Trends
Although many plastic surgery procedures are popular throughout the United States, The Today Show researched various geographical areas to learn which procedures are performed the most in those specific areas of the country.

In the Northeast: Nose Reshaping (or Rhinoplasty)
In the Southeast: Liposuction
In the South, West and Midwest: Breast Augmentation

Even though nose reshaping is listed as the most popular plastic surgery procedure in New York and the Northeast, in Dr. Greenwald’s practice, breast augmentation and body contouring procedures such as SmartLipo, tummy tucks and mommy makeovers are his most requested procedures.

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