The Benefits of Botox: Is Earlier Better?

When discussing cosmetic surgery, breast augmentation or liposuction are considered some of the most popular surgeries performed but what about non-surgical procedures? “Botox is by far the most requested and most performed non-surgical treatment in my practice,” says Westchester plastic surgeon Dr. Greenwald. This holds true not only in our practice, or even in New York but also around the globe.

Botox is an injectable product utilized medically to treat certain muscular conditions and administered cosmetically to remove wrinkles by temporarily paralyzing facial muscles, typically in the forehead, glabellar lines (area in between the brows) and crow’s feet.

Traditionally, Botox has appealed to middle aged and older women attempting to minimize the signs of facial aging and seeking a more youthful appearance. In recent years however, there has been increasing usage by younger patients seeking treatment as a preventative measure to slow the onset of wrinkles and fine lines. “Women in their twenties and thirties are now using Botox when they begin to see lines forming as a means to prevent future growth,” says Dr. Greenwald. “While in some cases, Botox can be an excellent treatment for these younger patients, I also stress the importance of a complete skin health approach which may include laser treatments, peels, a skin care regimen and proper nutrition.”

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