How To Deal with Unwanted Male Breasts (Male Breast Reduction)

For men, having enlarged breasts can come with a great deal of shame. It is common for men to engage in vigorous exercise to slim down in this area. However, if your enlarged breast tissue is caused by gynecomastia, losing weight may not be effective. Instead, consider male breast reduction, a procedure offered by experienced […]

3 Ways to Revitalize Your Dry Winter Skin

Winters in the Northern United States are incredibly harsh and dry, causing our New York patients to struggle with dry, irritated skin and a dull complexion. The low humidity and frigid temperatures strip the natural oils from your skin and worsen eczema and psoriasis. Keep your skin hydrated with a thick moisturizer, drink plenty of […]

How to Eliminate Loose Skin Around Your Thighs

Many people struggle with loose, hanging skin around their thighs. As you age, your skin loses elasticity and can’t snap back into place as easily, which leads to sagging skin on the face and body. Men and women who have lost significant weight may struggle with loose skin and poor skin quality more than others. […]