How to Protect Your Plastic Surgery Results

At the Manhattan cosmetic surgery practice of Joshua A. Greenwald, we recognize that undergoing the cosmetic surgery procedure of your choice involved a significant investment of your time, capital and emotions. However, now that you have had the procedure and are finished with the initial recovery period, the hard part is over! Now, it’s time […]

Breast Implants as High School Graduation Gifts?

It is not unusual for parents to give their children a present to celebrate their graduation from high school. Traditionally, parents who had the means to do so often provided cars or trips abroad to their high school graduates in honor of the children’s accomplishments. These days, however, many female high school graduates are choosing […]

Did You Know Breast Implants Have Serial Numbers?

Did you know that every breast implant has a distinct serial number associated with it? Why? By providing unique tracking information with their breast implants, manufacturers can contact the patients who purchased their implants if concerns over a batch of implants or individual implants happen to arise in the future. Why the FDA Requires U.S. […]

Moms Deserve To Be a Little Selfish

This is the time of year we celebrate mothers for giving so much to their children, husbands and families. Many moms sacrifice their time, careers and often times their body – to experience the joys of motherhood. The combination of pregnancy with overall aging can result in unshapely breasts, stretch marks, loose skin and redeposited […]

This Mother’s Day, Treat Your Mom to Mommy Makeover

Are you wondering what to get your mom or the mother in your life for Mother’s Day? If so, consider treating her to mommy makeover cosmetic surgery. Mommy makeover surgery addresses the common aesthetic concerns that many mothers have after pregnancy and / or breastfeeding. This year, give your mother or the mother of your […]

3 Tips for Attaining Optimal Breast Augmentation Results

Whatever your aesthetic goals for breast augmentation surgery are, New York City plastic surgeon Dr. Joshua Greenwald can help you achieve them. However, to attain excellent aesthetic results following breast augmentation surgery, it is important for you to be an active participant in the process. With that in mind, Manhattan breast augmentation expert Dr. Greenwald […]

The Latest Advancements in Breast Augmentation

The technology and techniques used in cosmetic surgery procedures are always evolving. This is one reason it is crucial for individuals pursuing plastic surgery to undergo their procedure with a board-certified plastic surgeon who is committed to staying at the forefront of advancements in plastic surgery, such as NYC plastic surgeon Dr. Joshua A. Greenwald. […]

Favorite NYC Hotels for Recovery After Plastic Surgery

Undergoing plastic surgery with New York City plastic surgeon Dr. Joshua Greenwald is an exciting event on its own. You will look younger, more rejuvenated or simply like a better version of your previous self no matter which procedure you are pursuing.

3 Exercises for Toning Your Tummy (And What to Do If They Don’t Help)

Spring is here, which means that bathing suit season is right around the corner. To help you get a firm midsection in time for summer, New York City plastic surgeon Dr. Joshua A. Greenwald shares three core exercises that, when paired with regular cardiovascular exercise and a healthy diet, are great for toning your tummy.

Is Your Favorite Drink Adding Inches to Your Tummy?

At the New York cosmetic surgery practice of Dr. Joshua A. Greenwald, we understand how appetizing a vanilla latte with whole milk and caramel drizzled on top can be or how refreshing a cold soda on a hot afternoon sounds. But, did you know that sugary coffee drinks and sodas often pack as many or […]