Why Winter Is the Right Time to Think About Your Summer Body

Given that winter only officially arrived a few weeks ago, it may seem too early to start worrying about your summer body. However, whether you are considering cosmetic surgery to enhance your figure or you want to give diet and exercise a chance to improve your contours, waiting until spring may be too late to […]

Reshape Your Body in Time for Summer

Are you looking forward to showing off a slim, sexy physique on a weekend in the Hamptons or a vacation down to Florida? If diet and exercise have failed to give you the figure you desire, body sculpting with New York plastic surgeon Joshua Greenwald can help. The key is to plan your surgery far […]

Plastic Surgery Around the Globe

In the age of selfies and fascination with social media, it should come as no surprise that Americans, especially women, prioritize their appearance. To look their best, US women spend a significant portion of their income on gym memberships, hair care, clothing and more. In addition, there many are choosing to seek the help of […]

The Rising Trend of Plastic Surgery for Men

The benefits of plastic surgery are not reserved for only women. In fact, the rise of men visiting plastic surgery offices is a trend seen across the country as well as in Dr. Greenwald’s office. “Woman have always felt pressure to stay young and youthful looking, however, recently, I have seen a huge increase in […]

Important Lessons to Draw From Plastic Surgery Reality TV Show Botched

This past week, the popular plastic surgery reality series and ratings juggernaut, “Botched” returned to E! Entertainment Television after a much-hyped but successful first season. Although, I am not typically a reality TV fan, I try to stay updated with current pop culture, especially when it involves the industry of plastic surgery. For those of […]

How to Protect Your Plastic Surgery Results

At the Manhattan cosmetic surgery practice of Joshua A. Greenwald, we recognize that undergoing the cosmetic surgery procedure of your choice involved a significant investment of your time, capital and emotions. However, now that you have had the procedure and are finished with the initial recovery period, the hard part is over! Now, it’s time […]

Favorite NYC Hotels for Recovery After Plastic Surgery

Undergoing plastic surgery with New York City plastic surgeon Dr. Joshua Greenwald is an exciting event on its own. You will look younger, more rejuvenated or simply like a better version of your previous self no matter which procedure you are pursuing.

Are Selfie’s Influencing Plastic Surgery Trends?

It was the selfie seen around the world when Oscar host, Ellen Degeneres tweeted a picture of Hollywood A-listers gathered together and snapped by Academy Award nominated actor (and amateur photographer) – Bradley Cooper. The image went viral, with 1.3 million retweets in the first hour and became the most retweeted photo in Twitter history […]

Are Cosmetic Surgeons the Same As Plastic Surgeons

Although many people use the terms “cosmetic surgeon” and “plastic surgeon” interchangeably, a cosmetic surgeon is not necessarily the same as a plastic surgeon. If you are considering plastic surgery, it is crucial to know the difference between the two terms. That way, you have all the information needed to evaluate a surgeon’s qualifications properly […]