Why Plastic Surgery Is a Personal Choice Only You Can Make

Men and women often consider plastic surgery while in a relationship and may see the procedure as a “gift” for their spouse or long-term partner. However, having invasive surgery is a deeply personal decision that should not be made to please someone else or on a whim. Whether you’ve always struggled with a crooked nose […]

Why Winter Is the Right Time to Think About Your Summer Body

Given that winter only officially arrived a few weeks ago, it may seem too early to start worrying about your summer body. However, whether you are considering cosmetic surgery to enhance your figure or you want to give diet and exercise a chance to improve your contours, waiting until spring may be too late to […]

How to Avoid Plastic Surgery Scars

Because the goal of plastic surgery is to improve one’s appearance, it makes sense that patients are often concerned about post-surgical scarring. Although scars are an inevitable part of any procedure that requires incisions, with time and proper care they can fade significantly enough that they become an afterthought. To help patients look their best, […]

Why Your 50s Are a Great Time to Have Plastic Surgery

Is it time to refresh your appearance? If you’re in your fifties, the answer may very well be yes. Half a century puts a lot of wear and tear on the face and body. Gravity takes its toll and the loss of hormones we experience causes changes to the skin. Here Dr. Joshua Greenwald discusses […]

Mistakes To Avoid Making When Selecting a Plastic Surgeon

The process of selecting a plastic surgeon requires time and effort. But with your safety and satisfaction hinging on your choice of surgeon, in the end you will be glad you did not rush your decision. To help guide your search for a qualified surgeon, Dr. Joshua Greenwald describes common mistakes to avoid making during […]

Why Quarantine Is the Perfect Time to Get Plastic Surgery

Offices and schools have gone remote, social events are paused and people are spending more time than ever on Zoom meetings and FaceTime calls. If staring at yourself through the unflattering lens of your laptop camera or smartphone has revealed physical characteristics that bother you, you may be thinking about having some cosmetic work done. […]

How to Schedule a Virtual Consultation With Dr. Greenwald

Virtual consultations are nothing new at the office of Dr. Joshua Greenwald. However, under the circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, more patients are requesting virtual consults as an opportunity to connect with Dr. Greenwald from the comfort and safety of their homes. If you are interested in a specific plastic surgery procedure or procedures, we […]

Plastic Surgery Procedures You’ve Never Heard Of

While procedures such as breast enhancement, rhinoplasty and tummy tucks are among the best-known in plastic surgery, there are many other operations that can embellish or correct your looks. Some of these lesser-known procedures may prove exactly what you seek in creating a more attractive face or body.